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Our Clinical Practices

Stress Management Center at Fernview has evolved over the last decade as a place of acceptance, support, & healing for any individual seeking awareness and growth through life’s transitions. We are committed to providing a peaceful refuge for the enlightenment & growth of mind, body, & spirit. Through psychotherapy, educational programs, &integrative medical therapies we aspire to promote the health & wellness of all beings & our environment.

We offer a full range of psychotherapeutic & integrative medical therapies as well as onsite functional medical consultations.

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Our Clinicians


PhD., M.Ed.,  LPC, NCC

Dr. Kline Schaffer is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor & Licensed Professional Counselor with a Doctorate in Integrative Medical Therapies & Transpersonal Psychology. She facilitates individuals, couples, families, and groups in discovering clarity through life changes.  Her background in treating individuals coping with anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, chronic pain, and terminal illness has helped her evolve successful approaches with integrative medicine, non-pharmacological pain management, and solution focused therapies to treat the whole person. Her comprehensive, person-centered approach is ignited by her love for all people.

She has been recognized by a U.S. Congressman for her work with individuals, families, and groups coping with trauma and grief. Dr. Kline Schaffer currently takes referrals for children, adults, couples, families, and groups; she has embraced serving others in full time private practice since 2008.



Tanika Fields has an M.Ed. in Community Counseling, is an LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, and an NCC, Nationally Board Certified Counselor is intentional in promoting a professional atmosphere where you feel safe, knowing your needs are confidential, and ensuring you are comfortable expressing your truth without judgment.


It is her goal to meet people where they are and assist them in exploring solutions to their concerns and achieving their personal life goals. Tanika offers years of experience working with special needs populations and serving in the roles of case management, counseling, and guidance. Tanika is currently taking referrals for children 5 years old and up.


I look forward to supporting you in your journey!


Jenny Eastin

Jenny Eastin is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University. With over 25 years of experience in the field of social work, Jenny has worked in various settings including private practice, hospital, outpatient clinics, non-profit organizations, and hospice (home and inpatient). Among her areas of expertise are working with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, stress, and life transitions. Additionally, Jenny has extensive experience in helping people cope with serious and life-altering medical illnesses, caregiver stress, and end of life issues. 


Jenny provides a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive environment that embraces the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. She uses an eclectic therapeutic approach which includes Cognitive behavioral therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-focused, Person-centered and Strength-based. Jenny tailors counseling to each individual in order to bring forth healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.


Meditation Guide

Russell Washington is our newest meditation guide. He specializes in helping people grasp the fundamentals of meditation in a way that helps them sustain the meditative state through a day’s ordinary activities and thereby, become more resourceful and creative. His passion is showing people how to open and access resource states at will or on demand so they can thrive through confronting circumstances and/or any creative challenge. He understands this approach is very appropriate given what we face as a human family in these times.

Russell is deeply invested in his soul mission. Which, simply put, is to aid those with a humane, life oriented world view striving to unlock next-level human capabilities in the ways he can. He’s the original ascension activist committed to uplift and self-directed evolution for every seeker. His work is rooted in science, spirituality and employs transformational healing modalities. He’s trained in applied, environmental systems biology with apprenticeships or certifications in; botanical medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and cellular psychotherapy on one side and years of experience with shen kung, gnostic metaphysics, reiki and intuitive energy healing on the other. Russell strives to bring a full pallet of love, empowerment and generosity to every class and private session. Russell Washington is available for 75-minute 1-on-1 sessions. To schedule call the office at 864.225.0792.


PhD./D.Min, MDiv

Marriage and Family Counseling Intern with Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer. 

Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry, Founding Pastor of CBC in 1992

John grew up in South America (his dad was in international business), New York, and California, and has been in South Carolina since after college. Because of his upbringing, John loves traveling to see and study unique cultures. John feels at ease with different cultures and relates to each one to bring Christ to them. In his down time, you can find John taking a motorcycle trip in the mountains with his wife and friends or hunting and fishing or gardening. John says, “There is nothing like sitting in a tree-stand meditating and reading to refresh the soul, or the rush of wind as you ride down a country road on a motorcycle to clear the mind and invigorate the heart”.

As a pastor, John’s spiritual gift and passion is to minister the Word of God so people will experience the grace of God and be drawn into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is his conviction that ultimate happiness and life are found in nothing else but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and by no merit of our own. It is all of grace. He will be meeting with individuals, couples, and families completing his clinical supervision to becoming licensed as a marriage and family counselor.


Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly is a BS in Dietetics, MS Human Nutrition, and a RD LD. Registered & Licensed Dietitian.

"Fernview is a magical place to relax and renew. Surround yourself with people that will lift you higher. Experience the joy of movement and improved sense of well-being through mind-body classes offered in a serene setting.

She is an active and practicing yogini and has lead yoga classes in the community for many years. She advocates for optimal health and wellbeing for body, mind, and spirit through embracing daily healthy choices in terms of nutrition, diet, sleep, and optimizing interpersonal relationships.

​The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Kimberly Taylor leads monthly nutritional workshops and webinars on the basics of optimizing health and nutrition through our diet and lifestyle. To register please call our office at 864.225.0792. She is also available for individual consultations based on her availability.


Celeste Mendez

Celeste Mendez is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She has worked in the mental health field since 2009 and is excited to walk with during their struggles and difficult times in life. She has worked in Home Care with the Developmentally Disabled children and adults, in acute care, nursing instructing, and at the Institute of Living, an Ivy League Psychiatric institution. She has a passion for helping others and giving them the tools to overcome life’s challenges.


She is actively involved in her churches and serves in the women and children’s ministries. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, boating, and volunteering at a local horse farm.

Celeste Mendez is currently taking new referrals for comprehensive psychiatric evaluations based on referrals of our approved clinical professionals that we have an established relationship with, for optimal therapeutic benefits.



Ms. Black is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree from Valdosta State University. Her graduate training included internships working with Veterans in a Veterans Affairs Clinic and service with the aging in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Since then, she has spent more than 4 years providing individual and group therapy to clients with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, dissociation, attachment wounding, grief and life transitions. 

She provides EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy and finds this to be very effective for trauma and a variety of issues.  Her extensive background in music has led to a passion to infuse music into her practice as well.  She is excited to prepare to attend formal drum circle facilitation training.  She will be developing and facilitating therapeutic groups with Stress Management Center that incorporate the use of music, as well as other creative elements, to enhance human connectedness and the healing process. Megan Black is currently taking referrals for individuals, couples, and small group therapy ages 14 and up.


Todd Gomez

Todd S Gomez believes that everyone can benefit from mental health support. He provides an open and welcoming space for clients to overcome past hurts, grow as a person, and set new goals. Todd works with adults from 18+ and uses an eclectic approach drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solution Focused Therapy. Tod has over 20 years experience as a mental health counselor in both North and South Carolina. He has also worked in private practice.


Areas of interest :














Todd is currently taking referrals for adults, couples, families, and groups, ages 14 and up.



Mrs. Johnson is currently a school based counselor with a degree in Social Work. She is in the final process of her LPC Internship to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She also currently facilitates the Women’s Grief Group “Meanderings” that meets every other Thursday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Mrs. Johnson will be available outside of her support groups for consultations during her internship.

Mrs. Johnson has an affinity for supporting families and adolescents by helping them navigate through life transitions. She also embraces women’s issues and is a strong advocate for school aged students to cope with developmental issues, identify enhanced coping skillsets, as well as cope with life adjustments and for families dealing with grief issues. Takeesha is currently leading a women's grief support group and taking referrals for children and families moving through life adjustments and grief.



Dr. Hanner was board certified as a Chiropractic Physician in 1995.  He was later board certified in orthopedics by the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists, and certified in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) through the Upledger Institute. For 23 years, his practice concentrated on treating patients for their neuro-musculoskeletal health complaints, with a focus on spinal rehabilitation.  Over time, his interest in Integrative and Functional Medicine grew. He began his studies in Functional Medicine in 2015 and has since completed his work in the ADAPT (Advanced Diagnostic And Personalized Treatment) framework. He now holds the designation of ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute in Functional Medicine and ancestral health.  He is currently completing the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute’s 3-year program to become a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

Dr. Hanner approaches health concerns by obtaining a thorough medical history, the latest in evidence-based lab testing, and physical examination.  His philosophy is always to find and treat the root cause of the problem. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of chronic health concerns, instead of just treating symptoms, so patients can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery. 

He is also particularly interested in how the chronic effects of Trauma impact not only our mental well-being, but also our physical well-being.  He has seen first-hand how resolving and integrating the effects of trauma in an individual, can have miraculous effects on physical illness.  Somatic Experiencing and CranioSacral Therapy are powerful tools in addressing the chronic effects of physical and emotional trauma. They can re-balance and re-regulate a chronically unhealthy and dysregulated nervous system.


Dr. Hanner has practiced in Anderson, SC since 1995. He and his wife Lisa along with their son Jordan and daughter Rachel, enjoy living, learning, working and playing in the Upstate.


  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

  • ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner / Kresser Institute

  • SomatoEmotional Release Trained Practitioner / Upledger Institute

  • Certified in CranioSacral Therapy - 2012 / Upledger Institute

  • Board Certified Fellow in Orthopedics - 2009 / Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

  • McKenzie Trained Practitioner - 1998 / McKenzie Institute

  • Board Certified Chiropractic Physician - 1995 / National Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Ted Koumoundouros
M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Koumandurous is trained in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Pathology. Currently he is a Medical Doctor serving as a General Practitioner & Primary Care Physician with the V.A. Clinic. He also has a Doctorate Neuropathology with a minor in Neurogenetics. He serves in the Army national Guard & has been active for 37 years. He has served multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Syria. His Bachelors of Science is in Molecular Genetics with a minor in Modern Greek. His passion for learning & serving others has oriented him to advocate the mission of Fernview Center by becoming engaged in supporting our community in evolving skills & practices for effectively coping with the symptomology of Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety & Depression. He also specializes in Counseling individuals & family members dealing with Personality Disorders, focusing his expertise in the area of NPD & Narcissistic Abuse.


In his own life he balances through relaxing & enjoys time off listening to classical music & playing blues on his guitar; as well as cultivating his savory skills in the culinary arts and preparing meals for family & friends.


Dr. Koumandurous is taking referrals for individuals & family members dealing with the issues surrounding PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, as well as those dealing with Personality Disorders. He also leads seminars & Workshops in these areas for Continuing Education & enhance awareness & understanding in our global community.


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