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CEU Workshops

As a part of our mission we offer continuing education workshops, training & seminars for healthcare professionals, public & private sector educators, instructors & teachers as well as the community at large. 

All CEUs are credentialed through Stress Management Center, Fernview Center for WellBeing & The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health.

What is a CEU?

A continuing education unit or continuing education credit is a measure used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain his or her license in their profession. 


Upcoming CEUs


Online Courses


This course was created & evolved through conscious awareness of the breath. Through the work of Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer who evolved her experiences optimizing the lives of chronic & terminally ill patients, she realized the essential tenents of breathing well. Working with patients through the process of living & dying & dealing with phenomenal physical & emotional pain, she developed specific breathing techniques that were absolutely successful as non-pharmacological pain management. Over the last decade, she has supported individuals working through crisis, trauma, & seemingly insurmountable life transitions through employing the breath & gentle breathing practices.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Conflict Resolution

Review your own process of resolving conflict & embrace some of the suggestions through this course while you develop your own list of strategies that work for you personally. The content of this course is being presented to provide you with options & systematic processes that are effectual & reliable, yet in every circumstance, it will be essential for you to employ your head, your heart, & your breath to be present in the now & the situation at hand.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Expressive Arts

Art can be a tangible realm of healing for the soul. The language of the soul speaks through colors, sounds, images, & motifs that sometimes elude us through verbal conversations. Immerse yourself through this journey, allow yourself to speak through your heart. Allow the images of your past, present, & future self to emerge in a beautiful experience of loving self-awareness & profound self-acceptance. ​

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses



Meditation is an inward journey that allows for unification of the Body, Mind, & Spirit. It is one of the most profound yet simple processes that over thousands of years has potentiated optimal health & wellbeing. ​Here is an opportunity to learn, connect, & allow your mind & body to experientially appreciate the profound benefits awaiting you as you evolve your own practice of meditation. This is one of the most beautiful ways you can experience the Art of Living Well!

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses



A practice in mindfulness is one of the most balancing & benevolent opportunities to potentiate, cultivate, & sustain a satisfying & wholesome life. Every aspect of your living will be savored & touched, bringing you to a place of complacency & peace, deepening the sensuality & the reality of living well.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


NonViolent Communication

NonViolent Communication is a means to attaining healthier boundaries and potentiating peace in our world. The process addresses  & teaches conflict resolution through mindful observation, thinking, & practical applications.​This can be taught to any age level, & the more individuals who learn, practice, teach, & share the practice of NonViolent Communication the better opportunity our world has for not only survival but living in a global community in a peaceful & beautiful way.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Stress Management

Managing stress is an individual means of living the most fulfilling life imaginable. When we take time to honor ourselves & the ones we love with thoughts & lifestyles that help us balance, we enjoy our lives so much more.​Through this course, you will take some time to read, identify, & engage in some of the simple practices that can have a profound & positive impact on your health & wellbeing.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Tai Chi

Tai chi, short for T'ai chi ch'üan or Tàijí quán, is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training, its health benefits and meditation.​ Tai Chi is a gently flowing practice that engages the Body, Mind, & Breath. It is a liberating, relaxing, & strengthening practice that does a beautiful job in releasing tensions.

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Vision Board

A vision board of life goals is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration, motivation and to use the law of attraction to attain goals. Throughout this course, you are encouraged to develop inspiration for the creation of your own board to help you manifest your dreams into reality & channel your emotions, imagination, & creativity.​

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses



Bringing together the Body & Mind in communion is the practice of Yoga. The ancient art & practice of yoga has survived thousands of years & more recently has clearly demonstrated through thousands of evidence-based research studies to promote optimal health & wellbeing. Throughout the course, you will be gently introduced to the process of unifying the breath & stretch & mindset of honoring an affinity through the core of your being. Relax & enjoy as you learn & experience the Art of Living Well through yoga.​​

$30, $180 for Course Package with 10 Courses


Previous CEUs


Yoga for Balance

Amy Lynn Sunshine is the state of South Carolina's only Yoga certified teacher to work with Veterans through the "Warriors at Ease" credentialing program. Come join her as she leads us through a deep restoration of the body, mind, and spirit.

2 Continuing Education Units for a donation of $30.

Sunday, June 28th @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 


Pranayama Meditation & Yin Yoga

Join Heather Kline Schaffer, Ph.D., Founder & Director of Fernview Center as she leads us through awareness and practice of Pranayama breath & gentle rejuvenating stretches each Tuesday 12:15 - 1:00pm. She and Fernview Center are Yoga Alliance & Continuing Education Approved for Instructors - there will be a brief survey and online quiz for Continuing Education Units.

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Tuesdays, All May @ 12:15pm - 1:00pm


Balanced Health Through Expressive Arts

Join us as Heather Kline Schaffer, Ph.D., MEd, LPC, Nationally Board Certified Counselor, Reiki Master, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, Founder and integrative medical director of "Stress Management Center at Fernview" and creator of "The Art of Living Well" educational programs, will be leading a presentation and experiential talk with select artists who utilize the arts to balance their health and wellbeing.

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Sunday, February 23rd @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

Program Located at the Anderson County Art Center


The Art of Living Well

Join us as Sandra Jones, director of "The Art of Living Well" program & Heather Kline Schaffer, founder and integrative medical director of "Stress Management Center at Fernview", lead us through an introduction & practice in awareness of the autonomic nervous system, mindfulness-based stress management, breathing, meditation, and gentle yoga to discover the art of living well.

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Sunday, January 26th @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 


Mindfulness Mediation Afternoon Retreat

Heather Kline Schaffer & April Kline Bush of "Birth with Spirit" will lead us on a gentle mindfulness hike, leading us into the Nantahala National Forest for a time of awareness through meditation, Tai Chi & Yoga 

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Saturday, September 28th @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Making Malas

April Kline Bush of "Birth with Spirit", an incredible Rite of Passage Activist with Women's Advocacy, Education, and Midwifery Trainings, will lead us through creating personal Mala beads for meditation practices. A time of breath work & Meditation will be led by our Founder & Director of Integrative Medical Therapies Heather Kline Schaffer. Join us for the Art of Living Well!

You may also bring a personally meaningful bead of your own to include! 

Base fee of $35.00, Malas will be individually priced based on selected beads.

Sunday, September 29t@ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

Pranayama: The Body & The Breath 

Through gentle breaths & open heart meditations, we will restore gentle flow and balance.

September 23rd 3:00pm - 5:00pm  $35.00       With Rosalinda McGarity 



Intuitive Eating 

How you can trust your body with listening & discover aromas & flavors to elevate your body, mind and spirit.

October 27th 11:00am - 12:30pm  $25.00        With Bertha Thomas



Walking Meditation

Discovering mindfulness through gentle breath and walking a clear path. 

November 4th 4:00pm - 5:00pm Donations Only   With Jeanne Malmgren


The Gift of Presence

Mindfulness meditation and yoga, a body & mind restorative retreat.

December 16th 5:00pm - 7:00pm  $35.00        With Kim Taylor




The Art of Aromatherapy

A body, mind, & spirit workshop in the application of therapeutic essential oils.

January 10th 5:30pm - 6:30pm   $10.00 donation     With Carlie Poole & Ashley Addison


January through March

The Great Vows of Yoga

A study of the yamas & niyamas, a journey through the self. An intensive yoga CEU series with phenomenal yogini Phaedra O'Connell. This 10-week series alternates on Tuesdays (6:00-7:15pm for Yoga Asana Vinyasa) and Thursdays (6:30-7:45pm for 15-30 minute Asanas followed by a 45 minute lecture).

Starting January 10th   $15.00 Drop-ins    With Phaedra O'Connell


February 6th at Anderson University 

A Return to Love.... 

A relaxing experience in self care and loving yourself & others - integrative medicine for a healthy body, mind, & spirit!

February 6th 7:00pm - 8:00pm      @AU - Watkins 100   (CEPs & CEUs available) 

With the Stress Management Center's clinicians



A Pure Heart Through Meditation & Yoga

The health benefits of integrating mindfulness through the heart, body & mind.

February 24th 5:00pm - 7:00pm     $30.00     With Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer & Angela Crews / owner La Luna Aerial Arts



Pranayama: The Body & The Breath

Through gentle breaths & open heart meditations, we will restore gentle flow and balance.

March 24th 5:00pm - 7:00pm $35.00   With Rosalinda McGarity 


Healing Emotions Through Body & Spirit

Releasing pain & trauma through gentle body movements & reflective insights 

With Heidi McCaulley, MSN, MA, RN, R-DMT, Dance Movement Therapy

April 29th 6:00pm-7:00pm $20


Kirtan Music Meditation & Yoga Nidra Restore & Revitalize

Retreat into the cool forest studio at Fernview Center For WellBeing & breathe through our gentle asanas to release and soothe the body & mind. 

Kirtan Music Mediation with Michelle Peck from 5:00-5:30

Restorative Retreat with Jean Kidd  RYT-200 from 5:30-7:00

May 19th 5:00-7:00 $30


Savoring Succulents

A mindful talk and healing garden experience with South Carolina Master Gardener & Meditation Practitioner. Create your own succulent arrangement to bring home or share with a friend! Amy Lynn Sunshine will also provide an array of shelves to display your selection. With Angela Cobb & Amy Lynn Sunshine

June 23rd 6:00 pm -7:00 pm  $30


Yoga & Play as Medicine

Create joy & contentment in your life through evolving a personal practice of yoga & mindfulness, bringing happiness into your daily routine. A portion of the program will include a delightful experience healing your body, mind & spirit through the simplicity and magic of laughter.With Heather McSwain

 August 26th  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm   Donation or $20 for CEU   


The Simple Art of Meditation

Join us as Joseph Oppermann, Attorney, Anderson Country Public Defender & Lifelong Meditation Practitioner, will lead us through an orientation of the body and breath through specific techniques and practices Joey will lead us through a brief history of the art of meditation. Join us for a peaceful, replenishing experience!

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Sunday, March 29th @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 


Pranayama: The Body & The Breath 

Join Rosalinda McGarity as she leads us through gentle breaths & open heart meditations, we will restore gentle flow and balance.

Suggested Donation to the center of $35

Sunday, April 26th @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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