“Yoga at Fernview Center for Well-being is absolutely the most relaxing experience I have ever had doing yoga! Our instructor quietly welcomed us into the beautiful space as we gazed out into the peaceful forest, she entranced us with her soothing voice & led us through a gentle restorative practice... I walked out into the evening feeling a sense of  peaceful abundance…”


- 53 year old Registered Nurse

“For seven years I struggled with overwhelming anxiety mixed with depression. My doctors prescribed a cocktail of antidepressants and benzodiazepines and I couldn’t relate to anyone not even myself! My life felt overwhelmingly hopeless and I was ready to give up. A friend recommended me to Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer and she has been the angel of my life. I never would have believed how rich my life would become! I still talk to her one-on-one every few months to check in, but the most amazing transformation occurred when she introduced me to breathing and getting in-touch with my body through Yoga & Meditation. I now practice regularly while on the road traveling for work. Wherever I go, I breathe & stretch and bring clarity, peace, and love to my life each and every day! I recommend an individual session with her and initiating a practice of body and mind awareness. It has brought me back to a life better than I could have ever imagined!”

- 37 year old traveling businessman and entrepreneur

“After the death of my life long partner, I never thought I would breathe again. I felt lost in oblivion. A friend mentioned Fernview Center for Well-Being and I signed up online for a class. The warm and caring atmosphere conveys authentic loving acceptance. I have never been to a place where I felt so connected and at peace from the moment I walked up to the center. All the instructors are caring souls. I have learned and felt that I am not alone. I come to the center several days a week and meditate. This is a new practice for me. I have always prayed to God... yet now I truly feel and experience my body as a temple for the Holy Spirit. I am caring better for myself, my body, and my mind... I am becoming a better person and feeling love flow through my actions and words. I only hope and pray that others suffering from grief or sadness discover this place of profound healing and support.”


- 67 year old retired widow

“I would recommend Fernview Center to anyone searching counseling… I was referred over to Dr. Kline Schaffer by a nurse in the ER after I had swallowed an entire bottle of pills... Needless to say I had given up all hope. I have a chronic diagnosis and many grief issues from a lifetime of disappointment. I sat bewildered at home and then decided to call. I was told initially that my insurance would not be covered but I decided this was it. I came to talk with her seven month ago and my life has literally taken a 190 degree turn. She truly listened. She heard my heart and gently released my pain. Over the next few weeks I began to trust another human being besides my mother for the first time in my life... Heather truly senses and feels beyond words. It is 7 months later and I now see her mainly during our yoga and meditation practices. I smile from inside my heart. I am genuinely happy, happier than I can ever remember! My medications can add up to over 5,000.00 a month... but I have hope. I have lost 51 lbs. I can breathe and I found the truest friends I could ask for and the most wonderful place to heal! I feel truly blessed!”

- 48 year old woman on disability

“Our nine year old daughter has struggled with anger issues and defiant outbursts as long as we can remember. She came in to see Dr. Heather and within three weeks she shifted and learned effective coping skills to notice when her tension is building and release before it would evolve into an eruption. The guilt, shame, and frustration of feeling like an ineffectual mother has come full circle and now I also feel empowered as a parent to better raise all our children. I have learned to hold healthier boundaries and support my daughter in her process of gaining awareness and healthier skills to manage that will last throughout her life. I have become one proud mom and learned it helps to reach out for trained, objective help to learn to live a better life. We have two younger children and our entire household has shifted into a happier realm. I can’t explain the relief to know your child can actually learn to teach herself to BE HAPPY. All three of our children have also participated in Kids Yoga Asana with me. It is a relaxing time of fun and is teaching us all skills to assure more happiness and health to last our lifetimes! Our daughter calls Heather Kline Schaffer: “Dr. Happy Heart”. I must agree she is one of the most caring, kind souls I now consider a part of our family health network!

-32 year old mother of three ages 1 ½, 5 & 9

“I have tried meditation and yoga before, yet I have never felt to completely and comprehensively cared about. All the teachers are in tune with the students and classes range from 3-8 students so the individual attention is great yet not overwhelming. However it is also clear that these instructors have advanced skills in listening and communicating their knowledge gently. Each one is empathic and astute to each of our needs. I feel like I am the important one and the space is absolutely mesmerizing! I love gazing out at the trees as I feel like I am at some great destination even though I am just 1000 feet off highway 81 and 2 miles from the AnMed Health Campus. Fernview Center is a place to restore the body and soul. Every class I leave, I feel supported and whole and loved. It is a treasure to discover this amazing place tucked away right here in Anderson.”


-26 year old male explorer and graduate student from Sarasota, Florida

I gave myself a true gift by attending a yoga retreat led by Lisa Mooring Anderson on a Sunday afternoon. It was a time I usually relax and read a book or just sip a cup of tea as I attempt to replenish myself for the beginning of a new week. I discovered Fernview Center simply through Google. I am so grateful I registered and restored myself that afternoon. I continue to hear Lisa’s voice gently reminding me to lie back and gently stretch into a restoration and release as I exhale.  I have enjoyed spectacular retreats in Sedona, Tahoe, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Caribbean; yet this simple place has an incredible restorative and healing energy of its own! I so profoundly enjoyed the few hours of the retreat and will be back for sure! The setting is so incredibly peaceful and I loved the other folks I met. It seems that like-minded people can enjoy time and space together in such a soothing atmosphere and the experience is heightened. I loved the opportunity to share with others seeking a better life. Lisa you are a tremendous gift to the community and Fernview Center is a jewel waiting to be discovered! Thanks to all for the love in your hearts and the effort and dedication you have invested in creating a space for healing! Namaste’


-37 year old female CEO & Professional Photographer

I myself am a Reiki Master & health care clinical practitioner, working in the field for over two decades. I came to study and learn the Holy Fire Reiki Technique from a true Japanese Reiki Master hosted through Fernview Center for Well-Being. Studying with Makiko Suzuki Fliss who has an energy healing lineage back three generations was one of the most grounding and awakening experiences of a lifetime. She has an innate ability to perceive energy from chakras and tune into the authentic vibrations of life. She studied traditional Westernized Medicine and Cancer Biology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, John Hopkins, and Meiji University in Japan. She has worked in the Biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as academia and embodies great awareness of the opportunities both western and eastern and unified theories can provide. Her presentations, historical lectures, and experiences are illuminating. She clearly understands the optimal manner to assimilate and convey the interconnected-ness of being. With her accumulated knowledge and application, she continues to explore and teach others the miracle of the connected healing opportunity of all. She teaches how to evolve the healing capacity and caring awareness we all may embody, how to maintain perfect harmony and to sustain health and harmony. Her mission is to share her abilities and to teach as many beings as possible how to acknowledge and utilize their own innate abilities to manage stress and ignite their power from within.


I was looking for an enriching continuing education opportunity and what I found was absolutely golden. What a fantastic opportunity is here in our midst at Fernview Center!


-48 year old Medical Director, Father, Spouse & Healer

I want to clearly express the abundant fulfillment I now have in life as a result of taking the time to release my tensions by talking to a clinical professional and understanding how I was mismanaging my stress. The therapist at Fernview Center was completely non judgmental - after one session I experienced huge relief ! I now effectively manage life's daily issues and don't build up the pressure in my mind of everyone else's expectations nor hold the muscle tension . I truly love life once again and a few months ago I dreaded going anywhere as I always felt hopelessly overwhelmed. Now I love life and am so enthused about every day! Life is good! I am Happy!

-45 year old engineer