Here you can find our wonderful, healing series of podcasts led, curated, and narrated by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer of Stress Management Center at Fernview. All podcasts are available to purchase to have the power of healing available at any moment.


Podcast Offerings


Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity is a wonderful experience led by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer to aide us in discovering the benefits of having a positive mindset. Each individual title takes us through various exercises to heal, restore, and uplift the Body, Mind, & Spirit.


Anxiety Release

This series of Anxiety Release practices led by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer is a collection of 3 exercises of varying length to assist those with anxiety concerns in easing symptoms of anxiety. These titles are wonderful tools to have at your side to aide in alleviating many symptoms of anxiety or hinder symptoms of a panic attack.


Relational Harmony

Relational Harmony by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer is a curated series of practices in a variety of topics relating to the harmonious relationships in our lives. Each title assists individuals and couples with strengthening connection to each other, ourselves, and the world around us and can be utilized in multitudes of beneficial ways.