Self Care & Social Emotional Learning



Self Care & Social-Emotional Learning

"Self Care & Social Emotional Learning "

for educators is now available!!!


An essential resource for Educators, Public & Private Schools, Colleges, Universities & Businesses providing coping strategies skills & practices to promote self-care and wellness during this time of crisis.


Our Self Care & Social Emotional Learning Newsletter provides practical insights  & supportive practices, as well as encouraging messages, articles & links to lift us up & inspire optimal 

Health & Wellbeing in every monthly issue!


Along with techniques to promote Self Care, Social-Emotional Learning is a primary focus of our newsletter as an important part of creating, establishing & sustaining a healthy learning environment. Each edition offers practices, coping skills & tools to utilize in every teaching environment!


All content is developed specifically for the support of Educators & Clinical Professionals to infuse their daily teachings with opportunities for nourishment, our newsletter provides activities, evidenced based research & resources to promote Balance & Wellness


Demonstrate your support by providing an inspiring source of encouragement & inspiration with health practices proven to enhance wellbeing by teaching individuals how to cope, promote self care & love themselves in turn; everyone will have the opportunity to embrace their best life ever!


The Self Care & Social Emotional Learning Newsletter is a way to show your support and provide a monthly set of resources, audio & video practices, mindful thoughts, and meditations to promote self care in this time of crisis.

This newsletter also provides educators with many resources for improving teaching and classroom life! Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of effective teaching and communication, and is included as video resources, practices, resources, & research with each newsletter.


"Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions." - Casel. 


August 2020 Sample Newsletter


Here is a sample newsletter from our August 2020 educators & staff Self Care & Social Emotional Learning Newsletter. See a quick snippet of what you will be receiving, topics covered, and resources provided!


Self Care is an important aspect of each newsletter. Here were a few snippets of the self care resources found within the newsletter.

Integrative Health

  • Art of Living Well Certificate Training Programs & Workshops, Exclusive 1 & 5 hour CEU's, On-Line Classes, as well as, Archived & LIVE Practices

  • Information on Functional Medicine & Self Care

  • Evidenced Based Research on maintaining Optimal Health & Wellbeing

  • Developed by Nationally Recognized & Nationally Board Certified, State Licensed Clinical Professionals & over 75 years of experience with ongoing evaluation by our:                                             Art of Living Well Advisory Board.


  • Exercises to support physical & mental health & optimize clarity of the Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Tips for maintaining and improving wellbeing during this time of crisis & in everyday life

  • Art of Living Well exclusive meditations & practices engineered for optimizing health!


  • Resources on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) your community!

  • Articles, Studies & Links to educate others about the benefits of Social Emotional Learning in the classroom & our communities!

  • Activities, Explications & Opportunities for Social-Emotional learning with exemplifications & applications of how it can improve teaching

"Having an opportunity to support individuals and our community at large with training & skills in healthy living is essential during this time of crisis and in our every day lives. The Self Care & Social Emotional Learning Newsletter is a Fantastic Resource & The Art of Living Well Programs provide just that! Every person deserves a chance to learn conflict resolution, non violent communication & the wellness programs like Stress management, Meditation, Tai Chi & Yoga."
Doyle Burdette
52 year old Police Chief


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Ensuring your employees, educators, staff, and others are maintaining their health & wellbeing is an important part of happiness and productivity!

Contact us using the form below for more information & to enroll in the newsletter from Fernview Center! We will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you!

The Art of LivingWell program & Fernview Center for Wellbeing has made a hugely positive impact in my life! My physical & Emotional Health has never been better! This place allows an individual to fully express themselves to learn through life transitions and experience and recognize what are the best programs to suit their individual needs. My experience and personal growth and awareness and experiences with the practices of meditation and yoga to support my individual growth and healing has been one of the best awakening experiences of my lifetime”
Allison G.
28 year old Corrections Nurse
" A newsletter of this practicality and simplicity of access is essential in this time of crisis and human transitional adjustment! I would recommend this to any university educational system or business seeking to support its employees as self-care and valuation of others will allow us to adaptively cope & more than survive but thrive during this time of a shifting global society!"
Dr. Priscilla Alden McKenzie
76 year old prior International Nursing Honors Society
Treasurer of Sigma Theta Tau